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  1. My grandfather was Stanley Elford The eldest brother who rescued his younger brothers from the shark attack in the maria river shark attack in 1947. I was hoping to find any information that had been reported in the papers at the time as I cannot find any information.

    Michelle Sharman

  2. Did the attack you refer to take place in Australia ? If so, then there is a wealth of information available on the net. I researched it some years ago with a view to writing a book. I seem to recall even obtaining detailed Google maps on it. If it is the same attack, then I was thinking about it quite recently and wished I’d kept all the links.

  3. My dad Leon Malherbe rescued Robert Wherley from shark attack at Karridene,South Africa in 1957!
    Does anyone have information and the newspaper report on the attack?
    Leon Malherbe Jnr

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