UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Sharjah, | Khor Fakkan

Incident Details:

year: 2017
location: Khor Fakkan
area: Sharjah,
fatality: non-fatal
species: Unknown
victim: Al Beloushi
gender: M
age: 41
injury: Right leg severely bitten
time: Morning
species detail:
source: Gulf News, 5/13/2017
species: Unknown shark
date: 12-May-17
activity: Spearfishing

Reconstruction of the Shark Attack

In the year 2017 on the date reported as 12-May-17 - Al Beloushi , a male aged 41 was Spearfishing near Khor Fakkan. An Unknown shark was reported to have attacked Al Beloushi . The attack was non-fatal (Right leg severely bitten)

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