USA | California | Santa Barbara County

Incident Details:

year: 2014
location: Santa Barbara County
area: California
country: USA
fatality: non-fatal
species: White
victim: Ryan Howell
gender: M
injury: No injury to occupant, shark/s holded kayak
time: 14h00
species detail: White shark, 18' to 20'
source: R. Collier, GSAF
species: White shark
date: 03-Oct-2014
activity: Kayaking

Reconstruction of the Shark Attack

In the year 2014 on the date reported as 03-Oct-2014 - Ryan Howell, a male aged was Kayaking near Santa Barbara County. A White shark was reported to have attacked Ryan Howell. The attack was non-fatal (No injury to occupant, shark/s holded kayak)