Australia | Torres Strait | Thursday Island

Incident Details:

year: 2010
location: Thursday Island
area: Torres Strait
country: Australia
fatality: non-fatal
species: reef
victim: Reenie Morrissey
gender: F
age: 9
injury: 2 sets of minor lacerations below her right knee
species detail: 1 m whitetip reef shark
source: Courier-Mail 1-10-2009
species: reef shark
date: 9-Jan-10
activity: Snorkeling

Reconstruction of the Shark Attack

In the year 2010 on the date reported as 9-Jan-10 - Reenie Morrissey , a female aged 9 was Snorkeling near Thursday Island. A reef shark was reported to have attacked Reenie Morrissey . The attack was non-fatal (2 sets of minor lacerations below her right knee)