Grand Cayman | East Wall | Jack McKenney's Canyon

Incident Details:

year: 2005
location: Jack McKenney's Canyon
area: East Wall
country: Grand Cayman
fatality: non-fatal
species: reef
victim: Lea Ann Hughes
gender: F
age: 57
injury: No injury
time: 15h00
species detail: Caribbean reef sharks
source: L.A.Hughes G. Holt
species: reef shark
date: 11-Oct-05
activity: Scuba diving

Reconstruction of the Shark Attack

In the year 2005 on the date reported as 11-Oct-05 - Lea Ann Hughes, a female aged 57 was Scuba diving near Jack McKenney's Canyon. A reef shark was reported to have attacked Lea Ann Hughes. The attack was non-fatal (No injury )