Japan | Southern Japan | 460 miles off Iwakuni

Incident Details:

year: 1998
location: 460 miles off Iwakuni
area: Southern Japan
country: Japan
fatality: non-fatal
species: unknown
victim: Tadashi Kodama
gender: M
age: 52
injury: PROVOKED INCIDENT Knee bitten by shark trapped in net
species detail: 6' shark
source: Deseret News 11-3-1998 p.A7
species: unknown shark
date: 2-Nov-98
activity: Fishing for tuna

Reconstruction of the Shark Attack

In the year 1998 on the date reported as 2-Nov-98 - Tadashi Kodama, a male aged 52 was Fishing for tuna near 460 miles off Iwakuni. An unknown shark was reported to have attacked Tadashi Kodama. The attack was non-fatal (PROVOKED INCIDENT Knee bitten by shark trapped in net)