Hong Kong | Clearwater Bay | First Beach

Incident Details:

year: 1995
location: First Beach
area: Clearwater Bay
country: Hong Kong
fatality: fatal
species: tiger
victim: Wong Kwai-yung
gender: F
age: 45
injury: fatal leg & arm severed
species detail: Though to involve a tiger shark
source: J. Wong & R.D. Weeks GSAF Daily Telegraph Mirror 6-14-1995 p.42
species: tiger shark
date: 13-Jun-95
activity: Swimming

Reconstruction of the Shark Attack

In the year 1995 on the date reported as 13-Jun-95 - Wong Kwai-yung, a female aged 45 was Swimming near First Beach. A tiger shark was reported to have attacked Wong Kwai-yung. The attack was fatal