Hong Kong | New Territories | Sheung Sze Wan Beach

Incident Details:

year: 1995
location: Sheung Sze Wan Beach
area: New Territories
country: Hong Kong
fatality: fatal
species: unknown
victim: Herman Lo Cheuk-Yuet
gender: M
age: 29
injury: fatal right thigh bitten femur exposed
time: 14h30
species detail: 1.8 m to 2.1 m [6' to 7'] shark
source: J. Wong GSAF Daily Telegraph Mirror 6-14-1995 p.42
species: unknown shark
date: 2-Jun-95
activity: Swimming

Reconstruction of the Shark Attack

In the year 1995 on the date reported as 2-Jun-95 - Herman Lo Cheuk-Yuet, a male aged 29 was Swimming near Sheung Sze Wan Beach. An unknown shark was reported to have attacked Herman Lo Cheuk-Yuet. The attack was fatal