Australia | Western Australia | Jurien Bay

Incident Details:

year: 1967
location: Jurien Bay
area: Western Australia
country: Australia
fatality: fatal
species: White
victim: Robert Bartle
gender: M
age: 23
injury: fatal bitten in two
time: 11h00
species detail: White shark
source: H. Edwards pp.35-42 H.D. Baldridge p.28 A. Sharpe pp.132-133 A. MacCormick p.86 J. West ASAF
species: White shark
date: 19-Aug-67
activity: Spearfishing dived to pick up a float line

Reconstruction of the Shark Attack

In the year 1967 on the date reported as 19-Aug-67 - Robert Bartle, a male aged 23 was Spearfishing dived to pick up a float line near Jurien Bay. A White shark was reported to have attacked Robert Bartle. The attack was fatal

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