Australia | South Australia | Carrickalinga Head

Incident Details:

year: 1962
location: Carrickalinga Head
area: South Australia
country: Australia
fatality: fatal
species: whale
victim: Geoffrey Martin Corner
gender: M
age: 16
injury: fatal right leg bitten thigh to calf
time: 14h30
species detail: 4.3 m [14'] white shark (or bronze whaler)
source: H. Edwards p.63 H.D. Baldridge p.197 A. MacCormick pp.91-93 A. Sharpe p.124 J. West
species: whale shark
date: 9-Dec-62
activity: Spearfishing

Reconstruction of the Shark Attack

In the year 1962 on the date reported as 9-Dec-62 - Geoffrey Martin Corner, a male aged 16 was Spearfishing near Carrickalinga Head. A whale shark was reported to have attacked Geoffrey Martin Corner. The attack was fatal