South Africa | KZN | Uvongo

Incident Details:

year: 1958
location: Uvongo
area: KZN
country: South Africa
fatality: fatal
species: unknown
victim: Fay Jones Bester
gender: F
age: 28
injury: fatal
time: 11h10
species detail: 3 m [10'] shark
source: G.S. Perry M. Levine GSAF
species: unknown shark
date: 5-Apr-58
activity: Paddling in knee-deep water

Reconstruction of the Shark Attack

In the year 1958 on the date reported as 5-Apr-58 - Fay Jones Bester, a female aged 28 was Paddling in knee-deep water near Uvongo. An unknown shark was reported to have attacked Fay Jones Bester. The attack was fatal