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  1. I was there that night and I don’t believe she was killed by a shark, there was in excess of 15 people underwater that night (I did not dive because I felt as if I were too new to dive at night).
    The dive master said jump in and go until you meet the bottom, approx 75 feet.
    My father and sister submerged and they came back up after going down to 120 feet and not meeting the bottom, per their depth gauge.
    I remember seeing Mary swimming back and forth underneath the boat, I am not sure if she lost here bearings, was hurt and I do not know how she got separated from here dive buddy.
    After everyone got back on board the boat we started looking for Mary but did not have any success and the “Mexican Coast Guard” come and started searching. We got word a few days later that she was found and it looked like a shark attack, I never believed it.
    That was a horrible night and I have not been on a dive boat since then.

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